Puppet Making

Our work this half term has been about Beegu a friendly alien who landed on earth who was sad and lonely. We decided to make friends for her in the form of hand puppets. We found out about lots of different types of puppets and looked closely at the ones we have in the classroom. To make the puppets we felt we should learn how to do it properly. So we practised drawing round a template and cutting it out. We used paper, card and felt and discussed which was easiest/hardest.We  then practised joining bits of paper, card and felt together with Sellotape, masking tape, parcel tape, using glue or a stapler, and talked about which would be strongest/best for a puppet to be made to last. Finally we practised a running stitch on a small piece of felt. Now we were ready to make our puppet friends for Beegu. The finished puppets are fabulous and Beegu is not lonely anymore, well done children! It  was fun making puppet shows and performing them to the rest of the class and Beegu. Finally we evaluated our puppets and thought about what we would do next time to make our puppets better.