Access to School

To enhance the safety of the school community and the residents of Rumbolds Close, the following measures are in place:

  • The roadway outside the gates has been hatched in yellow,   denoting that there should be no vehicles parked at any time, nor should it be used for turning or “dropping off”.  We are advised by the police that this area should be kept clear at all times for access for emergency services.
  • For the sake of everyone’s safety the vehicle access gates must not be opened while children and parents are arriving at school in the mornings, or leaving during the afternoon.  Our Premises Officer closes the main gate between 8.45 to 9.15 and 2.45 to 3.15..

Please can you make sure that anyone collecting your child from school is aware of this.  (Please enquire at the office if you need information about disability access.)

Parking is available at St Georges’ car park at either end of the school day, and there are a number of surrounding roads which do not currently have any parking restrictions.  For the safety of everyone concerned we would ask that people park with consideration in these areas.

We would ask you to please bring these arrangements to the attention of everyone who undertakes to bring or collect your child from school.

We hope that these measures will improve the safety of all our children and seek the support of everyone concerned.

We actively encourage children to walk, cycle or ‘scoot’  to school.  The school has parking for bicycles and scooters.  It is advised that you lock them up if left on the premises.