Here Be Dragons – Inspired by “The Egg” by M P Robertson

What a surprise, the children came back after the Christmas holidays to a strange coloured egg, which George had asked the children to look after for him. This was the start of the children’s learning, some continued their learning in school and some at home during the lockdown period. The children thought about what could be inside the egg and drew a picture of their ideas. They looked after the egg  and discovered, after a weekend break, that a dragon had hatched. Using adjectives before the noun the children labelled the parts of a dragon. They used this information to write an interesting description of the dragon from the book and a ‘Missing’ poster as the dragon had disappeared from school.
The children looked at different materials; bending, squashing, stretching and twisting them. They discussed their properties and then decided which would be best for creating a stable nest for an egg. Then the children found a dragon in a block of frozen ice, they had to think carefully about the quickest way to free it. They had access to salt, spoons and warm water; the children loved investigating which was best to melt the ice.
Using the colour wheel they had created earlier, when practicing mixing primary colours to make secondary colours, the children painted their own dragon and used collage to decorate the background. Finally they wrote another description of their own dragon using the skills they had learnt over this half term.

Please note, children were not required to wear school uniform during this period of lockdown.