This half term’s learning experience has been all about Pirates culminating in a Pirate dress up day with lots of fun activities. At the end of the day the children performed a Sea Shanty to their parents and had the chance to read their pirate stories to them too.

Exploring different artists and the materials they use, the children made beautiful seascapes, using wool, ribbon and embellishments. They thought carefully about the background, foreground and the horizon,  as you can see from the picture in the gallery they are stunning. Using the the book, ‘Class Three All at See’, children learnt about structures of a story, this then enabled them to write their own Pirate stories. The Reception and Year 1 children made bound books of their stories and the year 2 made folded booklets.The children used their best writing and were very proud of their work. Learning the points of a compass was hard but having to find the treasure on a map helped the children to remember, they then applied their new found knowledge to make their own maps. Using Bee Bot the children used the points of the compass to move it around the map. Extending their Geography knowledge the children made posters using the facts they had learned about Europe and Africa. They also found about the names of all of other continents along with the oceans and then made a balloon globes What a busy half term, the children have thoroughly enjoyed this learning experience!