Stickman – Blue Class

Today began with a mystery…we arrived to find not only a question written on leaves but also a trail of leaves leading from the classroom to the outside area. We used our blending skills to read the words on the leaves. It said, “Can you help me get back to my family tree?” We predicted who we thought the message was from.

( With thanks to Bunch florists in West Street Chichester and @bishopluffa for enabling this to happen.)

In amongst the pile of leaves in the classroom, we spotted an envelope with a ‘s’ on it. We opened it and found a clue. We raced to put on our wellies and found the next clue in a tyre on the activity trail. This clue had a ‘t’ on it. Much fun was had as we continued to find clues and collect letters. The last clue took us to the woodland area. Can you guess who we found there?