Computing at Rumboldswhyke Church of England Primary School

Computing is split into four areas – Code, Connect, Communicate, Collect.

Our Computing curriculum is designed so children develop the fluency and capability to use a range of applications om a range of devices to prepare them for a future technological world.

It should:

  • allow children to use technology to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information responsible and creatively.
  • develop problem solving, programming and data handling skills.
  • be embedded in learning experiences wherever possible so skills are used for an authentic purpose that enhances learning or presentation.
  • develop resilience, cooperation and confidence.
  • encourage children to be discerning about the relationships they build online.
  • strive for pupils to become confident digital users as well as supportive, respectful and responsible members of society, both on line and off line.

Computing is taught throughout our Learning Experiences where ever possible. It is used as a tool to enhance learning and presentation of learning. There is progression of computing skills and knowledge taught across the school.

What we expect you to see:

  • happy and engaged learners.
  • engagement and perseverance.
  • self-motivated and cooperative children.
  • children talking about, sharing and reflecting on their learning.
  • open ended investigations – low threshold, high ceiling tasks.
  • reflective thinking – children discussing how technology has enhanced the learning/presentation of learning.