School Motto, Vision and Values

‘Love life, love learning, love God’s world’

Our vision is to provide a nurturing, creative, Christian community where everyone will achieve with confidence and enjoyment. We will nurture growth and development in all aspects of school life so that everyone will embrace ‘Life in all its fullness.’ John 10:10.

Our school values:

Love – our core Christian value is central to every decision and action we take. We are all loved by God: in return we love life, love learning and love God’s world.  Three main Christian values underpin this: compassion, respect, hope.

Compassion – caring about someone else’s feelings and trying our best to understand how others might be feeling, and offering to help that person

Respect – for others and our environment. We are all different and think differently but we are all special, and we celebrate our differences. We treat others as we would like to be treated.

Hope – we have high hopes and aspirations for our future, our school and community. We understand that faith gives us hope, and this hope brings confidence. We know that there is always a future whatever situation we are in, because God promised to never leave us, to always love us, and to help us in times of need.

The Staff and Governors of Rumboldswhyke Church of England Primary School believe that children learn best when everyone who contributes to their education work as partners.  Therefore, they believe that the School values are central to every decision made by all in our school community.