Art and Design at Rumboldswhyke Church of England Primary School

Our philosophy is that children should:

  • be taught art through cross-curricular value-based links wherever possible
  • be inspired by different artists whilst acquiring new skills.
  • receive high quality modelling and scaffolding of the skills which will lead to a high-quality authentic outcome.

Art and Design is taught throughout our Learning Experiences showing a progression of skills across the school. It is intertwined with other areas of the curriculum to inspire children’s curiosity and develop their skills and knowledge in different forms and represents of art.

What we expect you to see:

  • happy and engaged learners.
  • children who are confident to talk about Art and Design and share and reflect on their learning.
  • children who are equipped with a range of skills and techniques to create art. They feel confident to experiment and take risks.
  • self-motivated learners who express their individuality and creativity through their artwork.
  • children who know how to use and apply different tools for artistic effect.