Modern Foreign Languages at Rumboldswhyke Church of England School

Our MFL curriculum is designed to ensure children are
• given opportunities to learn about life in another country, developing an awareness of cultural similarities and differences;
• delivered speaking and listening activities to develop confidence with pronunciation and speaking and listening skills;
• exposed to enjoyable and fun activities and songs to foster an interest in learning another language;
• taught grammar activities which reinforce and develop their understanding of their own language;

The decision has been made that worksheets may be used in order to allow time to acquire skills.

• Planning is based on a progressive curriculum previous assessments give a starting point for individuals.
• Planned teaching is taught in blocks of learning
• Start each session with speaking and listening revision of language learned previously.
• Teach language based on familiar areas – the home, food, meeting people, familiar songs and stories, e.g.’ Handa’s surprise and The Hungry Caterpillar.

What we expect you to see:
• Happy and engaged learners
• A variety of techniques used to encourage active engagement – games, role play, songs and stories used to apply knowledge and skills
• The use of vocabulary flashcards used in lessons, as part of games, knowledge organisers for reference
• Self-motivated children
• Children talking about, sharing and reflecting on their learning