Physical Education at Rumboldswhyke Church of England Primary School


We aim to

  • engage all students within every P.E lesson.
  • give all students the opportunity to participate and improve their physical ability.
  • encourage students to be involved in physical activity for sustained periods of time.
  • give students the opportunity to be involved in competitive sports and activities.
  • provide opportunities for students to lead, officiate and participate within lessons to give opportunities to develop sportsmanship and leadership.
  • promote and demonstrate the benefits of daily activity and healthy lifestyle, and support students in achieving this.


PE at school provides challenging and enjoyable learning through a range of sporting activities including; invasion games, net & wall games, strike and field games, gymnastics, dance, swimming and outdoor & adventure (Woodland Activities).

  • The long-term plan sets out the PE units which are to be taught throughout the year and ensures that the requirements of the National Curriculum are fully met.
  • Pupils participate in high quality PE lessons each week.
  • Children are encouraged to participate in the varied range of extracurricular activities.
  • Children are invited to attend competitive sporting events within the local area. These events also develop teamwork and leadership skills and are very much enjoyed by the children.
  • Children participate in workshops/whole school events covering a variety of sports throughout the year. This provides children with an opportunity to develop skills, improve their fitness and to try something new.


What we expect you to see:

  • happy and engaged learners.
  • regular paired and group work.
  • a range of different challenges and games.
  • children talking about, sharing and reflecting on their learning.
  • self-motivated children.
  • independent working from children, as well as often making their own decisions on their learning.
  • engagement and perseverance.
  • leading and coaching to peers.
  • children who know about the importance of exercise and keeping active and healthy.