Science at Rumboldswhyke Church of England Primary School


Our Science curriculum is designed so our learners build up a body of knowledge and an inquisitive desire to understand the world around them.

It should:

  • be embedded through a values based approach where possible.
  • allow children to learn through exploration.
  • provide opportunities to inspire children’s curiosity about natural phenomena and the world around them.
  • give opportunities for children to recognise the power of rational explanation.


Science is taught throughout our Learning Experiences with an engaging hook into learning and a purposeful authentic outcome. There is progression of scientific skills and knowledge taught across the school.


What we expect you to see:

  • happy and engaged learners.
  • engagement and perseverance.
  • self-motivated children.
  • children talking about, sharing and reflecting on their learning.
  • open and closed questioning.
  • children posing their own questions and hypothesis for investigation.